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Kleines Mädchen in einem leeren RaumWhat is Domestic violence?
Domestic violence is any kind of physical, emotional and/or sexualized assault within an existing or former relationship ...
Under the menu item What is Domestic violence? You will find much more precise information about this subject and answers to your questions.

Ärztin horcht Mädchen abDo you work in the medical or social sectors?
In Germany 22 % of all women suffer violence in a form that affects their health. It is therefore not simply a case of whether professionals in the health service have contact to women affected by violence but HOW they approach such contacts. You will find all the necessary information and offers of support about this HOW under the menu item Do you work in the medical or social sectors?

Mann und Frau, die sich voneinander abwendenAre you looking for information or support?
There are many women who have problems with their partners and feel that they don’t have their partner’s respect. These women often experience Domestic violence or suspect that their partner’s behaviour could constitute violence. If you are one of these women, you will find answers to your questions under the menu item Are you looking for information or support?

The founder of GESINE,  Marion Steffens,  was appointed Ashoka-Fellow 2009  „the first and largest international organisation for the promotion of social entrepreneurs“ by Ashoka.


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