GESINE Women’s shelter.EN

GESINE Frauenhaus.EN

More than just a roof over your head

The GESINE Women’s shelter EN offers protection from violence and threatening. The women’s shelter is in a secret location. Here you are safe. Getting a refuge is possible at any time, day and night.

If you are affected by violence, you can take refuge in a women’s shelter. The women’s shelter is anonymous and safe. You can stay in the women’s shelter until new life perspectives have been developed. You will receive counselling and support on your way to a non-violent, independent life. The costs for your stay are usually covered by the Jobcenter with “Bürgergeld” or other service providers. Safety and protection are the main focus. One thing is certain: we will find a solution!

In the women’s shelter, you live together with other women and their children. If you bring your children with you, you will look after yourself and your children. You organise your everyday life by yourself and live in a community with other affected women. Each woman and her children have their own room with a bathroom. The communal rooms and the large garden are available to everyone.

A team of female employees will support, advise and accompany you and your children. During your stay, you can process the violence you have experienced and develop new perspectives on life. We will work with you to consider how you can receive financial support, for example. You will be advised on the necessary steps and can make your own decisions. You can be accompanied to important appointments, such as visits to the authorities, the police, or family – and immigration matters.
The women’s shelter is multinational and very lively. If necessary, we work together with interpreters.

If you have any questions, just give us a call: 02339 – 6292

You can find an overview of available women’s shelters in NRW here or throughout German here!