Safety tips for women from Ukraine

For a safe trip from Ukraine to a safe place

Women and Children leaving Ukraine are at risk of human trafficking or other forms of violence and exploitation.

Be aware that „helpul people“ may have criminal intentions. These information may help you to keep your safety.

ID/Passport and other important documents: Never give any ID document (like the Passports of you and your children) to other than a guard at the boarder. Take a Photo of it with your phone and mail it to people you trust and to your own mailadress, so that you can lay hands on in case your paper documents are getting lost. Therefore: keep any ID document close to your body (i.e. Bra).

On the trip: A lot of people are offering a trip to Germany. Not all of them have good intentions. You can improve your safety by taking a photo of your transport vehicle (including numberplate or other indentifying marks) and of the driver´s license.  Update your friends or relatives about your trip and stages. Don´t enter a car or bus of people who don´t allow you  to take Photos. Hopp off if you get the sense that something´s wrong or suspicious.

Money and cards: Keep any money or credit cards close to your body or hidden i.E. in shoes, seams of your clothes. Memorize your creditcard number and the phone number of a trusted friend, who could wire you money in case of emergency. Take in account that you might get in a situation where you have to leave your belongings (suitcase, bag, jacket) behind.

danger prevention: arrange a code word with trusted friends or relatives. This could help you to inform them in case of threat or danger. Listen to your vibrations. If you start feeling unsafe while travelling or at your final accomodation, leave the situation immediately.

Helpline: in case of violence or threats there is the women´s helpline in Germany offering help in different languages: 08000 116 016

In Germany there a hundreds of women´s shelters, offering accomodation for women and children in case of male violence against women.

Specialised Councelling services for women  throughoput germany offer psychological support in cases of violence or trauma. You can find women´s shelters online: